About me

I was born in Venice in 1963.
During my youth after the college I moved some staggering steps into the University field, but soon I withdrew.
Since my interests always spinned around woodworking shortly after I found a job as a carpenter at the City Opera House “La Fenice” .
There I worked almost 10 years also doing some old furniture restauration in my spare time.
All this love for wood happened because my Grandpa (born in 1910) was one of those amazing craftsmen employed by the Venice’ s Arsenal (the famous and historical shipyard of Venice).
I ‘ve been lucky to spend a lot of time with him since I was a child , then it became natural to get familiar with all the tools and to absorb love for craftsmanship.

In the nineties I discovered violin making and frequenting the Violin Making School of Cremona I got my degree with the top mark in 1998.
I’ve been pupil of Wanna Zambelli (the first female violin maker in Italy).
After the school I attended several workshops abroad in Europe ( Germany, Swisse, England) specially focusing on restauration.
Finally I moved to the States where I worked for three years in the famous shop of David Segal in NYC.

I’ m most definitely proud of all my former woodworking experiences before the “strictly called” violin making (which is in my opinion nothing less than a fine branch of woodworking).
I believe they gave me a way of thinking good for every project, including how to make a violin, discarding all the paths who chases pure aesthetical frills but getting straight to the core which considers a musical instrument
as a machine working efficiently almost like a ” Leonardo’ s engine”.

Follwing this track: a solid project, a meticolous care of details, joined to good insights as well as some skillness allow you to reach flattering outputs both in restautation as in new instruments making.